Dec 30

Week 14-19: SquadGuru Top Picks

With  the end of the year coming, we’ve been a bit busy with winding up things. The Guru has still been running though and we’ve all enjoyed the large number of goals that have been scored over the last 5 weeks. The transfers have not been that favourable to the FPL team we entered though (ranked at 1.2M) – but the Telegraph team has been more successful (breaking into the top 500 on the Weekender league and not standing around 22K in the normal league).

Week 14

No changes

Week 15

Out: Boruc, Snodgrass

In: Guzan, Brady

Week 16

Out: Walker

In: Gabbidon

Week 17

We played the wildcard with the following team:


This represents the top team that the Guru could pick given its budget at that time.

Week 18

No changes

Week 19

Out: Mirallas, Walker In: Walcott, Bardsley

Nov 24

Week 12: SquadGuru Top Picks

This week, with Liverpool playing the derby meant that it was worth again swapping in another better placed striker. Lukaku is expected to play a strong role for Everton compared to Sturridge for Liverpool. The Guru noted the resurging performance of ManU, and in particular, Rooney. The swap this week is a bit odd, in that the Guru made a swap that was only valid for 1 week (i.e., Sturridge in for Giroud last time round). This may be due to minor differences in predicted performance over the long term and hence a poor performance may cause significant swaps.

In: Rooney

Out: Sturridge